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From passion to cookie perfection.

We're spreading joy, one box at a time!

Be part of the NASTY FAM!

We're on a mission to spread Nasty Cookie all around the globe, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

We're talking about a THICC, CHUNKY & GOOEY cookie experience that's out of this world, and you won't find it anywhere else, trust us.

Apart from being known for our cookies, Nasty Cookie is all about those iconic blue boxes and our super cool retail stores.

Our goal is to give everyone the chance to eat Nasty Cookie no matter where they live.

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Our Story

Nasty Cookie was born as a home-based bakery in October 2018 and was brought to the retail scene in June 2019, being Singapore's first New York Gourmet Cookie store.

Our founder, Regine, started Nasty Cookie when she was 21 as a platform to showcase creativity, boldness, and passion.

Beyond just offering the best cookies in town, we aim to create a brand that connects with the community and provides our customers with a seamlessly fun and enjoyable experience online and offline. 

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Our sights are set on some amazing locations for our next Nasty Cookie stores:

Malaysia (KL)

Indonesia (Jakarta)


United Kingdom


United States

But hey, we're open to exploring other places if we find the perfect reason and passionate people to partner with. So if you've got a location in mind that screams "Nasty Cookie", let us know!

Let's make the world a sweeter place together.

We'll be in touch!

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